Nominations Form

Nomination Criteria

Nominations are now open for 2019’s Living Legends.  Living Legend nominations will be based on the following criteria:

The Nominee has led the creation of something new or the redevelopment of something established that has significantly and positively impacted the quality of life in the City of Alexandria and inspires others., and/or

The Nominee has demonstrated noteworthy,substantial, sustained, and inspirational contributions that have significantly and positively impacted quality of life in the City of Alexandria, through a significant period of years of service in leadership and/or project management roles, including on boards, commissions, and committees.


What one sentence best describes what makes the Nominee stand based on exemplary and lasting contribution(s) that that have significantly impacted the quality of life?
Describe what was created/redeveloped. What dates or period(s) of time did this take place? What significant roles and contributions did the Nominee fulfill? Which communities were served? What was the impact, status, and sustainability of the creation or redevelopment? What legacy was created by the Nominee? Other.
Describe the nature of Nominee’s contributions and their significance. What were the Nominee’s service and capacities with boards, commissions, committees, civic or nonprofit organizations? What were the dates and length of contributions and service? Which communities were served? What was the impact of the Nominee’s contributions? Were contributions ongoing and beyond the Nominee’s job responsibilities? What legacy was created by the Nominee?
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If you are having issues with the above form, you may download the PDF version: Nominations Form 2019

Or if you need a fillable Word version of the form, please email Donna  and one will be sent to you by email.