Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What are the criteria for being a Legend?
A – The Board of Directors establishes the criteria annually. See the Nominate page for the latest information.

Q – Can City employees qualify as Legends?
A – Only if their contributions are not related to their jobs.

Q – Can elected officials be considered?
A – No one currently in office or running for an elected position will be considered.

Q – Can people be renominated?
A – Yes, especially if there is new information on their contributions.

Q – Where can I get a nomination form?
A – Visit the Nomination page to fill it out online form, or to download a fillable template.

Q – Who selects the Legends?
A – The Board of Directors.

Q – How many Legends are selected annually? How many have been nominated since the beginning of the program?
A – The number of Legends selected annually is determined by the Board. There have been as few as seven and as many as 13. Over 170 have been nominated since the program began.

Q – How is Living Legends funded? Are donations to Living Legends tax-deductible?
A – Living Legends is funded primarily by donations from individuals, businesses and foundations. Donations are tax-deductible.

Q – How can I find out who has been nominated or selected previously?
A – The prior nominees have brief biographical sketches published in the Living Legends catalogs. The catalogs can be read online. The selected Legends are featured on our List of Legends: Click on their names to link to the stories published about them.

Q – How can I make a donation?
A – To find out all the ways you can donate, visit us at

Q –What kinds of people have been selected as Legends?
A – Legends have been selected from every facet of the community. They include activists, business people, lawyers, clergy, educators, artists, and arts advocates.

Q – How can I learn about volunteer opportunities?
A – Visit our volunteer page: .

Q – How can I stay informed about what Living Legends is doing?
A – Sign up for our newsletter by writing to [email protected].