Nominations Tips


Focus on volunteer activities: Nominees are selected based on contributions outside of their paid employment.

Engage your nominee in the process:  Let your nominee know you would like to nominate them. Meet with them at home if possible and have them pull out all their awards and certificates of accomplishment over a lifetime of service.

Provide specific detail: Dig up nominee accomplishments and awards, particularly including dates and titles. Awards can be big or small and are not mandatory, but help to pinpoint the date and type of Legend-making contributions the individual has made to Alexandria.

Throw in the kitchen sink! No matter how well-known in the City, the selections committee can only go by what you the nominator(s) put on paper and submit to the committee. So, send us everything you have!

Re-nominate: We encourage re-nominations. if your nominee did not make it on other tries, apply the above tips, send much more information, and consider activities they have been involved in since their nomination.

Pay attention: Do you know someone who is “the youngest,” “the oldest,” “the first” in a category of giving back? Is there someone for whom you could craft a sentence that best describes how they stand out based on one or more exemplary and lasting contributions that that have significantly impacted Alexandria’s quality of life? (Mention all their contributions, but also focus in or one or two “sound bites.”)

Spread the word: Living Legends of Alexandria seeks a large pool of nominees so please spread the word to your places of worship, favorite nonprofits, advocacy groups, and extended families.  Think especially of people who humbly contribute day after day who can and should be recognized.

Note: Nominees need not reside in the City of Alexandria, but must satisfy the required criteria. Only single individuals or a team of two persons working together are eligible to be nominated.