Nominate a Legend 2018

Whom do you know whose vision and energy have improved life in Alexandria?


Complete all portions of this Form that are applicable to your Nominee(s), including a Narrative. Nomination must address in detail one or both of the nomination criteria and provide all information requested. Nomination may include additional narratives, letters of recommendation, and any other supporting documentation. Deadline for submission is September 15, 2017.

For a paper application, please click here. Otherwise, please use this digital form for your nominations.

For any questions regarding the nomination process please email us at 


Living Legend Nominations will be evaluated based on the following criteria established by the Board of Directors:

 CRITERION 1.  The Nominee has led the creation of something new or the redevelopment of something established that improves and positively impacts the quality of life in the City of Alexandria that would not likely exist without the Nominee’s vision, work, and determination to make it happen.

Information to be Identified: What was created/redeveloped; When; Nominee’s roles and contributions and their significance; Communities served; Impact, status, and sustainability of creation/redevelopment; and Nominee’s legacy.


CRITERION 2.  The Nominee has demonstrated noteworthy, substantial, and sustained contributions to the quality of life in the City of Alexandria through a significant period of years of service in leadership and/or project management roles especially on boards, commissions, and committees and/or in civic or nonprofit organizations.

Information to be Identified: Nature of Nominee’s contributions and their significance; Nominee’s service and capacities on boards, commissions, committees and in civic or nonprofit organizations; Dates and length of contributions and service; Communities served; Impact of Nominee’s contributions; Are contributions ongoing and beyond job responsibilities; and Nominee’s legacy.

Nominees need not reside in the City of Alexandria but must satisfy either of the criteria to be nominated. Only single individuals or a team of two persons working together are eligible to be nominated. If a team of two individuals is nominated, the individuals must be nominated for the same innovation, project, program, or achievement. Public employees are eligible to be nominated, but the basis of their contributions should be above and beyond the responsibilities of their jobs. Anyone running for or holding an elected office is not eligible for nomination.  Current members of the Living Legends of Alexandria Board of Directors and any employees and agents of the organization are not eligible to be nominated.


As the Nominator, it is your responsibility to ensure that the nomination addresses one or both of the criteria, includes all of the requested information, and that all facts are accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief. Provide as many factual details and be as specific as possible about the Nominee’s contributions and their impact.

Please use this form for your nomination.

Thank you for completing this form!


Completed Nomination Forms may be submitted online at or may be mailed to:

Living Legends of Alexandria, P. O. Box 918, Alexandria, VA 22313


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