Melvin Miller Remembered

“In the Garden”
May 14th 2015

“A. Melvin Miller, long-time Alexandria resident and activist, died suddenly this past Sunday at the age of 83. His death leaves a large hole in the fabric of our City’s society and marks a passing into history of a generation of strong African American men who fought against great odds to have the full benefits of U.S. citizenship extended to all Americans regardless of the color of their skin or the humbleness of their birth.

He made, perhaps, his greatest contributions in housing serving as an attorney in the Federal Housing Administration, later the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Subsequently Melvin became the Director of HUD’s Washington Metropolitan Area Office. Some years later he became a Deputy Undersecretary. He served the City on the Board of the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority on two different occasions and was the Chairman of the Board for much of the time he served.”